Hi! time to get to that awkward part of describing yourself...brr! My name is Chris Diaz, Better known as "Hunter" a name derived from my early street racer days. I'm originally from Peru, I'm a former communication sciences student, that moved to the USA in the late 2000 to pursue new horizons and challenges in life, I worked on several jobs from auditoring (at a travel agency) modeling, floor chief at some nightclubs to waiter and pizza driver. However I never lost that passion for customizing, the artistic vein inherited from my great ancestor the French photographer Eugenio Courret, ran very deep.

A LoCal (Low Calorie) girl..

I was customizing, but this time vehicles; adding graphics, head units, neons, designing sport tunning packages and what not on the spot or at the drag races. But when I got back home and the tires where cooling down, it was time to sit and paint some good ol' figures like I used to do in my childhood, when things were not so peaceful...

Back in my native Peru, toys were VERY expensive. During the 80's terrorism ran rampant, car bombs, killings etc, think G.I.Joe but with bullets killing everyone for real and the bad guys always winning. On top of that, imports of any kind were forbidden, so the only way to get original American toys and other things was via smugglers. To this extent, prices were 6 times the real value, so the toy fan had to learn to craft its own action figures to have an escape from the violent and dangerous reality Peru was going through in those days.

Left: Always happy when I drive, specially an import. Right: Side effects of racing.

To that extent, the Peruvian kids from my generation, became quite inventive and creative; out of the need come the ideas, the means, etc. So at 8 I was crafting entire cat lairs, Defiant Space Shuttles, Thundertanks and Millenium Falcons all from cardboard and glue, and the only blueprints we had were the toy catalogs we could get from the rich kids ...Even if it meant sometimes crafting stuff with bread crumbs...literally (My friend Joe Amaro always laughs with that part of the story)

Left: Before the "Arkham city" days, a dream come true: Mr. Alan Burnett (producer, Batman the animated series) and Mr. Kevin Conroy, the voice of the Dark Knight. Right: One of my dream cars, the Toyota Supra.

Back in the USA, it wasn't until 2006 that thanks to stumbling upon Mr. Cason Pilliod's WEBSITE that I rediscovered the hobbie commercially, and started customizing JLU figures, to make extra income aside from my job. In 2007 one of my cars was leased to appear in the Hollywood movie "Sex Drive" as the "bad boy" car. -The opportunity of a lifetime!- I had great fun during the movie shoot, hanging around artists like James Marsden, Clark Duke and Seth Green. That is when the name Hunter Knight Customs first appeared. I had to design a logo and a name for my company, and in one night the now famous HKC banner was made.

Left: Posing with the car I built. Another dream comne true. Right: "Talk to me Goose!" A scene from the movie Sex drive paying homage to "Top Gun"

As times changed, the economy was leaving tuners and car customizers with less and less work, so I decided to dedicate my entire efforts into action figure design, not only for Ebay, but for any one who wants that special one of a kind item on his shelf.

Since 2009 HKC has become my full time job, I quit all others, and thanks to the trust and support of my family and friends I can say that I'm making a living out of what I like: Action Figures! ...And to think my father always used to say "you are never going to get anywere playing with toys and videogames" hehe, but as Batman would say: "Things change" Thank you for reading and enjoy HKC!

"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing"
-George Bernard Shaw-

San Diego Comic Con. Left: With the cutest rapper/toy reviewer/geek: Mandy "Real Vidz" and Master reviewer Sean Long from Big Kids Big News. They were soo cool! Wish I had more time to hang around with them! Right: Same night at the He-man.org fan get together with none other than Danny "Pixel Dan" Eardley. The man is a star!

Hunter (as he likes to be called) can be seen driving in the streets of Sunrise Florida, in a beat down Honda Del Sol, hanging out at Tate's comics hunting the toy aisles of every Walmart, Target, K-mart etc. On a much brighter note, Peru eradicated all traces of terrorism, and is one of the most emergent and prosperous countries in South America, having lived in peace for more a long time now. Chris misses Peru and hopes to see it again someday. Like Yoda would say: "until the time is right" On the menatime: Arriba Peru!


Hunter Knight Customs does not encourage or condone racing any motor vehicle on any public street, road or highway. I TOTALLY MEAN THAT SHIT! ALWAYS wear your Friggin' seat belt (god knows how many times that has saved me) always obey all traffic signs and laws. Racing belongs in safe areas like the tracks. All of the racing stunts in Sex Drive were performed in a staged environment by professionals with years of training and experience. Don't be effin' retarded to try any of these yourself. Be smart. Drive safe. Stay legal. The fact that I'm mentioning street racing, which is an ILLEGAL activity, is not to be construed as my condoning of this activity. All parties which participate in these activities do so at their own risk. Don't say I did not warned you. If you still don't care, rest in peace brah'!