The amazing Mr. Cason, always ready to give you some advice , great place to see what customizing is about. truly inspirational work. HKC owes him BIG!

One of the greatest! The master of all things custom!

The the ABSOLUTE site for all g.i.joe fans

The makers of Aves Fixit, the best stuff there is to sculpt your customs!

The most powerful site for the most powerful man of the universe

The site where i buy Quikplastik. Call them at: (315) 946-1213

El mejor foro para fans de He-man en espaņol! (the best forum for he-fans in spanish!)

Big Kids Big News! Join Sean Long and crew for the latest toy reviews and news and celebrate your nerdum in a BIG way!

The great Sammy Maloof, Hollywood stuntman , and the best in the business. He did the driving stunts on my car for the movie sex drive. He also did stunts for Fast and the Furious, Dejavu, The Hitcher, Domino and more!

Hosted by my friend He-Bro. Check his greatest finds page and watch out for that drawbridge!

The amazing Joe Amaro. He begun as a customizer and now works for a major toy company. Check His vehicle creations and his amazing Castle Grayskull! Your jaw will drop, just like the castle!

The beautiful Adrienne played Livia on Xena Warrior princess, and made the voice for the deadly Maris Brood on the Star Wars Force Unleashed videogame. Check her site for cool memorabilia. All proceeds go to charity.