More often than not, our friends get excited by the figures we created for them, and end up making amazing video reviews of our creations. The fact that they take the time to produce them, makes us feel very humbled, honored and thankful. Featured here are a few we found on Youtube. If you own a figure from HKC and want to be featured here, let us know through the contact us link (We reserve the right to select any videos at our sole discretion)

The most notorious Motuc reviewer Pixel Dan, gets his own likeness in plastic and reviews himself in this funny video courtesy of the pop culture network Thank you very much for your comments Dan!!

Not all reviews are made in video clip format. Check this awesome article written by MTV Geek's own Lemonjuice McGee about a Green Lantern figure I created with his own likeness:

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GhettoGypsy makes this quick review of 5 figures I created for him (except Black Bolt) back in 2009. Ghetto has made dozens of reviews featuring customs made by me. Thanks Ghetto!

Another Youtube user JOMANYI23 showcases a 200X stye Adora I made for him. Check his other videos to see his huge collection and be green...with envy!

Youtube user jb6481 made this review of a Marvel Universe/Legends Puck I made for him.

And finally GOLDLEADERONE made this awesome review from one of my first Gavin Darklighter figures I sold back in 2008, complete with my old business card. It sure brings back memories!

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